On the first of June, Systembolaget will receive a much-needed addition to its range of non-alcoholic red wines. Cognato Red from South Africa then makes its appearance. An elegant red wine with well-balanced tannins, and with a relatively low sugar content.

“The challenge has been to create a non-alcoholic red wine that fits on the dinner table. It is a nice balance between sweetness and fullness when you remove the alcohol. We consider ourselves to have succeeded in producing a non-alcoholic wine that actually tastes like wine.” – Adam Malmnäs, partner at Sommestad & Malmnäs

The idea with Cognato has been to create an alcohol-free alternative for the dinner table. Both content and packaging must fit in with the alcoholic wines served. A big challenge was to lower the sugar content, without losing the fullness of the non-alcoholic wine for that matter.

Available in most of Systembolagets stores from 1 June 2019.

Article number: 1900601
Price: SEK 79