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Cognato – meaning “closely related to”

In 2018, cousins David Sommestad and Adam Malmnäs envisioned creating an elegant, delicious alcohol-free wine that would complement a wide range of foods. As wine enthusiasts and parents, they sought an alternative to alcohol that wasn’t overly sweet or lacking quality.

“We aimed to produce an alcohol-free wine that we, as wine enthusiasts, would be delighted to savor alongside a fine meal. Both David and I are parents to young children, and we often found ourselves driving to various activities on weekends, making it impossible to enjoy a glass of wine during lunch or dinner. Therefore, we needed a suitable alternative.”

Adam Malmnäs

Following meticulous research, we identified the ideal production partners in South Africa and embarked on crafting the inaugural vintage of Cognato in 2019. Our distinct mission was to create an alcohol-free wine that replicates the experience of ‘regular’ wine, all while maintaining low sugar levels.

Our journey began with the launch of Cognato Rosé and Cognato Cabernet Sauvignon in June 2019, exclusively through the Swedish state monopoly, Systembolaget. The reception was extraordinary, with enthusiastic praise from the public and acclaim from food and wine journalists alike.

Driven by our commitment to innovation, we expanded our range to include Cognato Chenin Blanc.

In 2020, we proudly achieved Fairtrade certification, underscoring our dedication to fair and sustainable working conditions for everyone involved in our production process. With a fully Fairtrade-certified supply chain, we ensure these principles are upheld at every step, from vineyard to bottle.

Continuing our tradition of excellence, 2023 marked the launch of our first sparkling wine, adding a touch of elegance and celebration to the Cognato family. Enjoy Cognato, where quality, sustainability, and exceptional taste come together.

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