Cognato Red

Cognato Cabernet Sauvignon showcases grapes grown in the Coastal Region of South Africa, celebrated for its exceptional wines originating from low yielding vineyards. We proudly collaborate with Fairtrade certified growers.

Winemaking & Alcohol Removal

Harvested at full maturity, the grapes undergo maceration to extract color and tannins. Fermentation occurs with carefully selected yeast strains, maintained between 25 and 28°C. Following fermentation, the wine matures in the tank with the skins for an additional 2 weeks, ensuring optimal integration and the full development of the tannin structure.

Through our meticulous vacuum spinning cone process, alcohol is delicately removed without compromising the wine’s integrity.

The outcome is a nuanced red wine, harmoniously blending well-integrated tannins with flavors of red berries and spicy herbs.

For an enhanced experience, we recommend serving Cognato Cabernet Sauvignon slightly cooler than room temperature. This wine pairs excellently with meat dishes and tomato-based pastas.

Sugar Content: 2.5g/100ml

Now available in 250ml cans

Introducing Cognato Cabernet Sauvignon in 250ml cans – a convenient option for any occasion. Keep them chilled for impromptu guests or bring them along to your summer picnic. With approximately 1 1/2 glasses per can, it’s the perfect solution to minimize waste when you prefer not to open a full bottle. Enjoy the delightful taste of Cognato Cabernet Sauvignon.

Cognato Red
Cognato Cabernet Sauvignon

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