After some delays due to the current world situation, Cognato Rosé has now finally returned to the shelves at Systembolaget. 

The light pink color, and the taste of strawberries and peaches are recognizable from last year. However, the bottle looks a little different this year, David Sommestad, for producer and importer Sommestad & Malmnäs AB, explains;

“During the year, we worked with Fairtrade certification of our wines. First out on the market was Cognato Rosé. The sugar content remains relatively low, and we see this wine as a given aperitif to be enjoyed during the summer. We also took the opportunity to update the label now that we sell Fairtrade products.”

Article number and price have not changed since last summer. You can find it at a Systembolaget store near you.

No. 19009 Price: 65kr