The Cognato range of wines has recently gotten a new addition, Cognato White. Cognato White is initially being launched in Sweden but will soon also make its way to new European markets. Like Cognato Red and Cognato Rosé the wine is made in South Africa and is Fairtrade-certified.

“We have been working for a long time with the development of Cognato White. The goal has been to make a wine for wine lovers. It should feel like a regular wine, even though the alcohol has been removed.” – David Sommestad, partner at Sommestad & Malmnäs.

Cognato White is made from South Africa’s national grape, Chenin Blanc. The result is a fresh wine with flavors of tropical fruits and citrus. The sugar content is lower than what is usual when it comes to non-alcoholic wines, 25 g / l.

Cognato White is initially available at