Why Fairtrade?

We believe that the entire production chain must function in order to make a good product. The production of a good wine starts in the vineyard, but it is not just the grapes, the climate and the soil that are crucial. The people working with the production of the wine must also be treated in a way so that they can feel pride in the product they make.

We chose to start working with Fairtrade in the autumn of 2019. After locating the right wineries, we began the work of producing an updated series of non-alcoholic wines. The results are now on Systembolaget’s shelves, and at specially selected retailers.

Fairtrade makes a difference in the life of the farm workers. A certification places demands on fundamental rights with regard to the minimum wage and the right to organize, it prohibits discrimination and child labor. The premium paid to growers is invested in important functions such as schools, healthcare, and improvements in the work environment.

We are convinced that a sustainable production chain not only contributes to a better world, but also leads to better products.